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  • How To Use The All Conflicts Feature

    Have you been seeing lightning bolts all over your family tree? In Genealogy Browser there is an icon on the toolbar that looks like a lightning bolt. This feature is called All Conflicts. When this icon is selected it enables you to see the conflicts that are on your family tree (these are visible in both the Starfield and the Handprint views). You can also unselect this and get rid of the lightning bolts on your tree.

    So what is a conflict? A conflict is an alternate view. It means that another user has this person on their tree, but the information is slightly different. Due to these differences, OneGreatFamily has not merged these records. When you click on the lightning bolt icon you are able to see both your view (on the left) and the alternate view (on the right).

    Sometimes the difference between the two records is a simple as a misspelled name, or could be a difference in date, place, parents, siblings, sibling order, etc.

    Once you look at the conflict you have the option to ignore or accept the other view. If you ignore the other view, then it will remain a conflict (meaning you will still see the lightning bolt), but you will continue to see your own information and the other user will continue to see their information. If you choose to accept their information then you will lose your view (the information that you entered in) and accept the other user's view and information. It will then merge the two records and the conflict will be resolved.

    You should be careful when resolving conflicts, because once you have accepted another user's view it will alter your family tree and could alter relationships in your tree. It may be that another user's information is more correct and if so, it is good to resolve the conflict; just make sure that it is correct.

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  • Collaborate At OneGreatFamily

    As genealogists we often question the source of information about a particular ancestor, the reliability of the information, and whether the submitter is a distant relative-questions that can be resolved by communicating directly with the submitter.

    OneGreatFamily has designed a feature so you can contact other OneGreatFamily members and communicate with them about records and other genealogical related information.

    As you bring up the edit box for a particular ancestor you will see an icon in the bottom left hand corner of the edit box that says "collaborate," click on this:

    You will then see a list of the groups that have this record on their tree. Click on one of the groups listed and then the username listed below the group. You will see the group owners name and email address listed in the space provided.

    Here is a link to a brief video about this topic:

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  • Great Gift Idea - Gift Subscription to OneGreatFamily

    This holiday season, give your loved ones the precious gift of learning more about themselves - by finding out more about their family history. A gift subscription to OneGreatFamily could be the most meaningful present you'll ever give anyone.

    What better gift to give this Holiday Season than the gift of genealogy?

    But what exactly could that gift be? Of course, you could print out a nice family tree or create a special tribute book. These would be cherished by family members. But as someone who does genealogy, you know that the true gift is to get involved in discovering your family's history. Genealogy can be a rewarding lifetime endeavor that enriches not only yourself but others. And genealogy is even more fun when you work together with other family members. Whether collaborating on a hard-to-find ancestor or sharing fun facts you've each identified, working together with family members on your genealogy is a wonderful experience.

    Consider the benefits your friends and family could have with a OneGreatFamily subscription:

    • View the ancestors who have been added to your family tree because of our unique matching and merging process
    • See all of your ancestors who are already part of OneGreatFamily
    • Meet and work with distant family around the world
    • See how you are related to your famous ancestors
    • View unlimited generations of your family tree at one time
    • Make new discoveries over time - new families and information are added daily
    • Access your Family Dashboard, a whole new way to explore your family tree

    Your friends and family members can experience the joys and benefits of collaborating with other genealogists from all over the globe in locating your ancestors and merging your own family tree with the world's first true global family tree - found at A gift subscription will be rewarding long after the holidays are over.

    Give Your Friends or Family A Gift Certificate to OneGreatFamily

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