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  • Get Your Family Excited About Their Ancestors

    Doing genealogy work together as a family is a great way to involve everybody in a shared hobby. Researching your ancestors draws on the family knowledge and stories of the older generation, while younger family members can contribute useful computer and Internet skills to the ancestor research project. 

    Working together is a great way to schedule family time. Here are some ways that genealogy research can bring your family together:

    1. Ancestor research starts at home. Even small children can ask Grandma and Grandpa for stories about their families, though they may need your help recording information. "What was it like when you were my age?" can elicit some memorable answers.
    2. Make visits to local libraries, museums, and archives. Family adventures are an exciting way to pursue your ancestor research. Take family members of all ages to visit a local history museum so older relatives can explain the common objects of yesteryear to younger folk.
    3. When you know a little more about your family tree, plan vacations around important places on your ancestors' lives. Compile a list of houses, cemeteries, and places of historical interest connected with your family history. A trip to Ellis Island has much more meaning and interest when you know the names and stories of some of your family members.

    Whether you're a genealogy expert or just starting out, offers the chance to add entire branches to your family tree. You may find a lost ancestor or an entire forest of new connections. Share the fruits of your ancestor research with other members of your family. Our families, even those members who lived generations before us, are the stuff we are made of. They are our roots, our beginnings, and they influence our lives in ways we may not even understand.

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