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  • How is OneGreatFamily Different From Other Sites?

    "I already have a subscription to another family history website, so why do I need a subscription to OneGreatFamily?" That is a question that we frequently hear. OneGreatFamily is unique from all other family history websites because it is designed to do your research for you.

    Most sites like Ancestry, USGenWeb, HeritageQuestOnline, and others have collections of original records like vital records and censuses. To access the records, you are required to conduct a search of their records using your ancestor's name, birth date, and birth place. If you are lucky and all the information you have for your ancestor is correct, you'll get search results. But if you think that great-uncle Joe was born in South Carolina and he was actually born in Georgia, you won't find him when you conduct your search. To complicate things even more, if your ancestor has a common name, you'll get dozens or even hundreds of search results. Then you'll have to wade through all these records to determine which ancestor is yours.

    OneGreatFamily saves you time by doing your research for you. Once you start a family tree in our program and enter what you already know about your family, our computer system goes through your tree automatically. Our program compares every individual that you entered with every individual in our system to check for matches. Most family history sites allow you to search only by your ancestor's name, birthplace, and birth date, but OneGreatFamily's system also compares relationships. This means that if the birth date you have for an ancestor is slightly off, or if the birthplace you have is incorrect, our system will still find the ancestor in our database by comparing relationships. The matching ancestor will then show up on your family tree as a merge or a hint.

    There is nothing more frustrating than to do hours of research on one line of your family only to discover that someone else has already done the work. OneGreatFamily prevents this problem. We link you with the family trees that other users (thousands of them) have compiled. This way, you have access to the work that others have already done and you can focus your attention on the parts of your family tree that really need it. Every week, hundreds of people are subscribing to OneGreatFamily, starting their family trees, and discovering new information about their family. Getting new ancestors without even having to take a trip to the archives to research them-that is something to be thankful for!

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  • OneGreatFamily Helps Genealogists On A Budget

    Most of us today seem to be constantly strapped for time and money. We all know that searching for our ancestors is really important, but the costs and time involved can seem overwhelming. We at OneGreatFamily can help!

    OneGreatFamily is a service that can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars with your genealogy - not to mention saving you hours and hours of time as well.

    Researching one ancestor alone can take years and cost a lot of money! Now, you can get a start on your genealogy from the comfort of your home. Here are a few costs to consider when researching your family tree:

    • Family Tree Software
    • Travel Expenses
    • Photocopies, Mail, etc.
    • Professional Assistance
    • Backup hardware
    • Data Access on CD-ROM or Online

    Right away, OneGreatFamily saves you money on Family Tree Software. The included, downloadable Genealogy Browser is a full-fledged family tree software package with several unique features that you cannot find anywhere else. Our Family Dashboard, also free, provides powerful analytics to help you identify research needs quickly

    Next, OneGreatFamily saves you money by automatically backing up your family tree to our servers, providing you with the peace of mind that your work is not in jeopardy of being lost from accidents.

    Finally, OneGreatFamily can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in travel, photocopies, professional assistance and data access fees. With most of us watching where our money goes, keep in mind an annual subscription to OneGreatFamily can cost less than one roundtrip drive to a family history library.

    Here are more examples of how OneGreatFamily saves you money:

    • efficiently eliminates duplicate family trees and relationships by creating ONE FAMILY TREE. Elsewhere, the internet has spawned a data duplication floodgate, which wastes your time as you wade through thousands of duplicate records.
    • provides you with access to the largest collective family tree available.
    • Collaborate with people from all around the world from the comfort of home . . . or wherever you have access to the Internet. Spend some time on OneGreatFamily before you take that trip to your ancestral homeland!
    • Online collaboration can help you save hundreds of dollars on correspondence, photocopies, and other expenses. Documents, photos, and other information can be stored electronically on OneGreatFamily or sent to distant family members you meet on OneGreatFamily via email.
    • Gather as much information as possible on to make sure your money is well spent if you decide to hire a professional researcher for further assistance.
    • OneGreatFamily includes access to MILLIONS OF NAMES; many with corresponding events, sources, notes, photos, biographies, and other supporting data. More data is being added every day.
    Why spend hundreds of hours searching for information that others have already found? Instead of duplicating research that is already done, you can now spend your time conducting new research or simply verifying information others have provided.

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  • Upload Your Gedcom via Family Dashboard

    One of the quickest ways to upload a Gedcom into OneGreatFamily is through the Family Dashboard. Before explaining the exact steps you will take to do this, first allow us to explain how a Gedcom is handled by our system. At OneGreatFamily, when a Gedcom is submitted for upload, the file must undergo a tremendous amount of processing before it becomes available to its owner and the rest of the OneGreatFamily community. Here are the stages it goes through:
    • Uploading
    • Importing
    • Matching
    • Merging
    • Dashboard processing

    The new process allows you to upload your Gedcom in Genealogy Browser or you can do it online by clicking on the link located in the "Your Family Tree" box located at the top:

    Once you click the link in Family Dashboard, you'll be presented with a dialogue window that allows you to select your Gedcom file and then Upload it.

    Note that closing the webpage or navigating to another website will not cancel or slow down your Gedcom processing once the uploading phase is completed.  The processing is all done on our computers here in our offices, so you can feel free to go about your business.

    Once the system finishes importing your Gedcom, it will begin "Matching." Matching is the process of seeing if any of the people in your Gedcom are the same as any of the people already in the OneGreatFamily family tree.

    When the Matching process has finished, the OneGreatFamily system will begin "Merging." Merging is when OneGreatFamily combines together ancestors identified in the Matching phase, removing any duplication while preserving any differences in information.  Merging causes ancestors to be added to your family tree. 

    When the Merging process has finished, your family tree will be prepared for Family Dashboard. Once this has been completed, you can enjoy your Gedcom on Family Dashboard by clicking on the button on the Upload Complete Page "Make this my new Dashboard Anchor":

    Or you can click on the link: "Change who this information is about" on Family Dashboard. Here is where this link is located on Family Dashboard:

    Or you can click on the "View Or Edit My Family Tree" button to view your ancestors in Genealogy Browser.

    One final note, if you have a large family tree, please be patient as the process may take some time as we add, match and merge your ancestors.

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  • Family Dashboard Spotlight: Relationship Calculator and Migration Calculator

    Let's Look At Two Fascinating Features Of Family Dashboard

    As far as we can tell, is the only website currently offering a robust dashboard full of unique ways of viewing one's family tree. In addition to the valuable service of constantly searching for ancestors to add to your tree, we've developed a variety of different tools and calculators you can use to answer specific questions about your family tree. Today, we'd like to highlight a couple of those handy calculators: the Relationship Calculator and the Migration Calculator.

    Both of these tools allow you to select two individuals within OneGreatFamily and perform calculations between them. To select a person other than the name displayed, click on the drop down arrow to the right of the name. This will open a menu that gives you five choices. The five choices are as follows:
    • Current Dashboard Anchor
      In the example below, Heather Hansen is the anchor.
    • Immediate Family
      A list of the immediate family members to the anchor is produced and you can choose any name on that list.
    • Famous People
      A list of famous people in OneGreatFamily is produced where you can choose any name from that list.
    • Search by Name
      A window is opened in which you can enter any name to search within OneGreatFamily. Select any name from the search results.
    • Browse Heather Hansen's Family Tree
      A window is opened listing all the names in the anchor's tree. Browse through and pick any name.

    Relationship Calculator

    The Relationship Calculator allows you to see whether or not a relationship exists between any two people in the OneGreatFamily database and displays a chart showing both people's relationship to their common ancestor.

    The widget on the Family Dashboard page allows you to quickly choose individuals in your immediate family, famous people, search for a name in your family tree or OneGreatFamily or you can browse your family tree for names too.

    Once you click on the "Show Relationship" button, it will bring you to a page that shows the amount of time OneGreatFamily is taking to find the relationship. If there is no relationship, OneGreatFamily will report to you that we could not find a relationship.

    Note: Keep in mind that OneGreatFamily is only using the information from the OneGreatFamily database. If you are sure there is a relationship, it probably means more information needs to be added.

    If there is a relationship, the following chart will appear showing you how the two people are related:




    Migration Calculator

    The Migration Calculator is a fascinating tool that will create a Google map with pushpins identifying the birthplaces of the direct line ancestors between any two people in OneGreatFamily

    Just like the relationship calculator, you can choose yourself, your immediate family, search OneGreatFamily or your family tree, or browse your family tree to find the names of two people you want to compare.

    Once you have decided on two people and you click on the "Show Migration" button, you will be taken to a page where you can see the map and the pushpins showing the birthplaces between two people.

    Here is an example of what the results page looks like:







    Check out the Relationship and Migration Calculators at OneGreatFamily today and see for yourself how useful and entertaining these tools can be.

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  • OneGreatFamily: Simply Put...

    So, what are you getting when you buy a OneGreatFamily subscription? Simply put, you are paying for a service that searches across millions of family tree names to find duplicates and then merge, or combine, those duplicates into a single tree. If you are researching a specific line, wouldn't you like to know if someone else, a distant cousin perhaps, has already completed the research. If that distant cousin has entered their tree into our system, it would take us hardly any time at all to merge matching names from their tree into yours. Additionally, we'd enable you to collaborate with that cousin to work on a combined research plan to continue working on the next road block.

    As an added bonus to your subscription, we give you full access to our PC-based genealogy software, GenealogyBrowser. To this day, GenealogyBrowser remains the only genealogy software on the market that allows you to view your entire family tree at the same time with our patented Starfield view. With our Handprint view, you can see all the immediate relationships of an individual in a quick glance, making it easy to see where the holes are.

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