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  • OneGreatFamily Helps Genealogists On A Budget

    Save Time And Money With OneGreatFamily

    Most of us today seem to be constantly strapped for time and money. We all know that searching for our ancestors is really important, but the costs and time involved can seem overwhelming. We at OneGreatFamily can help!

    OneGreatFamily is a service that can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars with your genealogy - not to mention saving you hours and hours of time as well.

    Researching one ancestor alone can take years and cost a lot of money! Now, you can get a start on your genealogy from the comfort of your home. Here are a few costs to consider when researching your family tree:

    • Family Tree Software
    • Travel Expenses
    • Photocopies, Mail, etc.
    • Professional Assistance
    • Backup hardware
    • Data Access on CD-ROM or Online

    Right away, OneGreatFamily saves you money on Family Tree Software. The included, downloadable Genealogy BrowserT is a full-fledged family tree software package with several unique features that you cannot find anywhere else. Our Family DashboardT, also free, provides powerful analytics to help you identify research needs quickly.

    Next, OneGreatFamily saves you money by automatically backing up your family tree to our servers, providing you with the peace of mind that your work is not in jeopardy of being lost from accidents.

    Finally, OneGreatFamily can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in travel, photocopies, professional assistance and data access fees. With most of us watching where our money goes, keep in mind an annual subscription to OneGreatFamily can cost less than one roundtrip drive to a family history library.

    Here are more examples of how OneGreatFamily saves you money:

    • efficiently eliminates duplicate family trees and relationships by creating ONE FAMILY TREE. Elsewhere, the internet has spawned a data duplication floodgate, which wastes your time as you wade through thousands of duplicate records.
    • provides you with access to the largest collective family tree available.
    • Collaborate with people from all around the world from the comfort of home . . . or wherever you have access to the Internet. Spend some time on OneGreatFamily before you take that trip to your ancestral homeland!
    • Online collaboration can help you save hundreds of dollars on correspondence, photocopies, and other expenses. Documents, photos, and other information can be stored electronically on OneGreatFamily or sent to distant family members you meet on OneGreatFamily via email.
    • Gather as much information as possible on to make sure your money is well spent if you decide to hire a professional researcher for further assistance.
    • OneGreatFamily includes access to MILLIONS OF NAMES; many with corresponding events, sources, notes, photos, biographies, and other supporting data. More data is being added every day.
    Why spend hundreds of hours searching for information that others have already found? Instead of duplicating research that is already done, you can now spend your time conducting new research or simply verifying information others have provided.

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  • Finding Family I Never Knew I Had

    We enjoy hearing about the success our members have in building their family trees at OneGreatFamily. We appreciate Steve for sharing his success with us.

    I started my genealogy search just a couple of months ago, and I was finally able to untangle my mother's side of our family history. I found ancestors she didn't know she had. In three hours, I traced my brother-in-law's line back to the beginning of the 19th century and told him things he never knew. I have had several links established back to the mid 15th century. In such a short space of time, I have discovered the family I never knew I had.

    Thanks to OneGreatFamily for all the information you have provided to me and my family.

    Steve Gant
    OneGreatFamily Member

    You can view more success stories by visiting:

    If you have had success using OneGreatFamily, please let us know. We would love to hear from you. Please contact us either by visit our Contact Page or by emailing

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  • OneGreatFamily Will Save You Time

    OneGreatFamily Can Speed Up Your Research!

    With all of our busy schedules we don't have much time in the day to do the things we really like to do, such as spending time with those we love. Working on our genealogy is something we often can't spend as much time on as we would like because of other obligations. So when we do have a few moments to spend, it is important that we be as efficient as possible. Using traditional research techniques is essential, yet much time can be saved if we can see the work that others have already done. We save time in not pursuing dead ends already explored, or in focusing on pursuing evidence for a lead someone else uncovered. OneGreatFamily was created to make researching as efficient as possible, saving time and money.

    OneGreatFamily searches for ALL your ancestors ALL the time. It identifies leads for both new ancestors as well as additional information about known ancestors. And it helps you zoom right in to focus on those leads. This process saves YOU hours or even years of time!

    To get started all you have to do is submit what you already know about your family tree. You can either provide us with a GEDCOM file or enter the information you have in Genealogy BrowserT. Include as many relationships as you can, even aunts and uncles. With more than 280 million names already submitted and between one and three million new names being submitted each month, you are sure to find research leads on your ancestors at OneGreatFamily . . . in the near future, if not today.

    Once your family tree is submitted, an automatic review process looks at each individual in your family tree and begins searching for individuals that are identical within OneGreatFamily. When OneGreatFamily identifies that two ancestors match, this means new information becomes available to you . . . on a specific ancestor or even an entire branch of your family tree! A match with someone else's data also provides a point for further collaboration within OneGreatFamily.

    OneGreatFamily also makes your own searching more efficient by identifying and merging away duplicate family trees and individuals. You don't need to spend hours wading through copies of the same family tree fragments submitted by dozens or hundreds of different people. OneGreatFamily presents you with a largely de-duplicated version of an individual or a family tree fragment, including conflicting vital information, alternate spellings, notes, sources and other important clues.

    OneGreatFamily also saves you time by allowing distant relatives to help each other grow their family trees through collaboration.

    So take the first step to efficiently working on your genealogy by first submitting your family tree. Remember, OneGreatFamily is working all the time, even when you can't!

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  • You've Submitted Your Family Tree To OneGreatFamily - Now What?

    Here is a list of things you can do at OneGreatFamily that will increase your chances of success at OneGreatFamily. We hope that as a subscriber you have come to appreciate the unique service provided by OneGreatFamily.

    1. Discover what has been done on your family tree already
    The OneGreatFamily Tree is a powerful genealogy database that is shared and built by people like you all over the world. Every single name, date, place, picture, biography and video clip has been submitted by people like you. In fact, the OneGreatFamily Tree started without a single name. Users in over 80 countries have submitted millions of names . . . and we've only just begun! So what does a "shared" worldwide database mean to you? It means someone else may have already entered dozens or even hundreds of your ancestors!

    2. Start researching where others left off
    Spend some time searching for your ancestors at OneGreatFamily and pay special attention to new information that is added to your family tree over time. This will help you know what research others have already done or are doing on your family tree. You can then spend your time conducting new research or simply verifying information that others have provided.

    3. Meet and collaborate with family
    OneGreatFamily allows people around the world to work on one common family tree. This means others can be researching and improving information on your ancestors. Wouldn't you like to meet and collaborate with these genealogical cousins? You can! OneGreatFamily provides collaboration features that allow you to work with other researchers and family members.

    4. Search millions of names
    At OneGreatFamily, you can search millions of names in the OneGreatFamily Tree and in the Social Security Death Index. When you find an individual that you would like to learn more about, simply click on him or her to view detailed information that we store in our databases.

    With OneGreatFamily, you have the flexibility to choose when to work on your genealogy and when to focus on other needs in your life, knowing that work on your family tree continues.

    5. Visit your Family Dashboard
    Your Family Dashboard is the first page you see when you login to OneGreatFamily. This very unqiue page allows you to learn interesting facts about your ancestors and family tree. This is also a great place to get ideas of where you can do addition research.

    OneGreatFamily has much to offer that cannot be found on any other genealogy site or within any other genealogy program! 

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  • How To Change Your Email Address And Your Email Preferences

    By Brenda Eyring, Customer Service Representative

    If you would like to change what types of emails you receive from OneGreatFamily, you will need to edit your email preferences. To make those edits, follow these steps.

    1. Go to
    2. Enter your username and password
    3. When you have logged in, go to "My Account"

    My Account

    4. A new screen will come up with 4 boxes:

    4 boxes
    5. The bottom left box is labeled "Email Preferences"
    6. In that box is a button that says "Edit"
    7. Click on that button
    8. You will see:
    Email Preferences
    9. Select the ones you want
    10. Unselect the ones you don't want
    11. Re-enter your password
    12. Hit "Submit"

    If you just want to change what address we send our emails to, follow these steps.

    1. Go to
    2. Enter your username and password
    3. When you have logged in, go to "My Account"
    4. A new screen will come up with 4 boxes
    5. Find the box labeled "Account Information"
    6. Click on "edit" in that box
    7. Type in your new email address
    8. Click "submit"

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