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  • 'Common Ancestor' Button in Genealogy Browser

    The Common Ancestor button in Genealogy Browser shows you when one individual appears more than one time in your tree.

    The Common Ancestor Feature is simple to use:
    1. Locate your toolbar at the top of your screen in Genealogy Browser.
    2. Click on the Common Ancestor icon.
    3. Look for blue boxes in your Starfield. A blue box means that individual appears more than once in your tree.

    In the illustration below, Carroll appears twice. The blue box means he appears more than once. The blue line allows you to quickly find Carroll's other location. Carroll is Sanford Carroll's father, and he is Elizabeth Bartlett's grandfather. This means Sanford Carroll and Elizabeth Bartlett were uncle and niece before they were husband and wife.

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  • How to Use the Tracer Feature in Genealogy Browser

    The Tracer lets you see how the anchor individual is related to any ancestor in the StarfieldT.

    The Tracer is simple to use:
    1. Locate your toolbar at the top of your screen.
    2. Click on the Tracer icon.
    3. Click on any individual in your Starfield.
    4. A blue line will appear showing how the anchor is related to the selected ancestor.

    In the illustration below, I am the anchor individual. To see how I am related to my ancestor John William Prunty I turn on the Tracer feature by clicking on the toolbar icon. I then click on John William Prunty in my Starfield. The blue line appears showing how I am related to John. He is my mother's, mother's, mother's, father.

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  • Religious Documentation

    Regardless of whether or not we are religious, religion plays an important role in family history. Before government records were kept on a regular basis, church records kept steady accounts of births, marriages, and deaths. Sometimes, these records are vital to us in that they can provide the much needed information that we have been searching for.

    One Great Family offers the ability to keep track of religious information. Christening information is kept track by clicking on the Christening "dot" instead of the default birth "dot" on the "Details For" box when you are editing an individual (see the image to the left).

    For more specific information for Catholic, Protestant, LDS (Mormon) and Jewish information, you simply need to change your settings in Genealogy BrowserT:

    You can change your religious settings by clicking on the "View or Edit My Family Tree" button on the Family Dashboard page.  Once in Genealogy Browser, go to the "FILE" menu in the tool bar. Then select "USER PREFERENCES".  Make sure that you are on the "SETTINGS" tab (it usually defaults here) and then look towards the bottom. At the bottom of the settings box, you will be able to click the Catholic, Protestant, LDS (Mormon), and/or the Jewish box. You may select more than one. Once you have clicked the appropriate boxes, click on "OK". Now, every time you open up a record to edit it, you will be able to access new tabs to enter in the religious information that you find.

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