William III (4th Lord Bramber) (The Ogre of Abergavenny) de Braose
Birth date:
BET 1144 AND 1153
Birth place:
Bramber, Sussex, , England
Death date:
  9 AUG 1211
Death place:
  Corbeil, Marne, Champagne-Ardenne, France

de Braose Family

Father: William De Braose
Mother: Bertha DeGloucester
Spouse: Matilda (Aka Maud) De Saint Valerie (Lady Abergavenny) deHaia (Aka deHaye)
William De Braose
Bertha deBraose
Reginald Braose
John de Braose
Philip de Braose
Gillian De Braose
Agnes Alive DeBraose
Philip DeBraose
Alice DeBraose
Gillian De Braose
William III (4th Lord Bramber) (The Ogre of Abergavenny) de Braose
Sybil De Braose
Matilda De Braose
William de Braiose (Braose)
Susan (Maud) de Braose
Susan DeBraose
Isabel de Braose
Philip De Braose
Isabel De Braose
John Tadody Braose
Flandrina deBraose
Roger Braose
Matilda Maud deBrus deBraiose
Joan Alice deBrus deBraiose
William DeBraose
Laurette deBraose
Giles DeBraose
Margaret de Braose
Walter DeBraose
Reginald DeBraose
Hugh DeBraose
Bernard DeBraose
Eleanor DeBraose
Fulk DeBraose
Phillip DeBraose
Annora deBraose
Leuca DeBraiose
Flandrina DeBraose