Vavasour Henry
Birth date:
WFT EST BET 1384 AND 1408
Birth place:
Yorkshire, , , England
Death date:
  BEF 15 APR 1500
Death place:
  Yorkshire, , , England

Henry Family

Father: William or Henry Vavasour
Mother: Joan Elizabeth Langton
Spouse: Joan Gascoigne
Brother Hanry Henry Vavasour
Sister Ann Vavasour
Brother William Vavasour
Sister Vavasour
Brother John Vavasour
Sister Isabel Vavasour
Brother Henry Vavasour
Brother Vavasour Henry
Brother Henry (Kent of Hazelwood) Vavasour
Brother John Vavasour
Son John Vavasour
Son William Vavasour
Daughter Ann Vavasour
Daughter Margaret Vavasour
Son Henry Vavasour
Son Leonard Vavasour
Daughter Anne Joan Vavasour
Daughter Matilda Maud Vavasour
Son John Vavasour
Daughter Anne Catherine Vavasour
Son William Vavasour
Daughter Elizabeth Vavasor
Daughter Elizabeth Vavasour