Herbert Combley
Birth date:
BET JUL 1875 AND SEP 1875
Birth place:
Devizes Wiltshire Eng V5ap91, , ,
Death date:
  BET JUL 1907 AND SEP 1907
Death place:
  Holborn Middlesex Eng V1bp280, , ,

Combley Family

Father: James Edwards Combley
Mother: Jane (Martha) Page
Spouse: Charlotte E (Queeny) Bennett
Sister Mary Combley
Sister Gracian Combley
Brother James Combley
Sister Jane (Jinnie) Combley
Brother Charles Combley
Brother Tom Combley
Brother Fred Combley
Sister Ellen (Nellie) Combley
Sister Louisa Combley
Brother Harry Combley
Brother Herbert Mundy Combley
Daughter Unknown Unknown
Daughter Unknown Unknown
Daughter Unknown Unknown
Son Fred Combley