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 June 1, 2000


Site Will Change the Way People Search Family Roots

[Providence, RI], the most dynamic Internet destination for genealogy and family features, debuted its service (in a controlled-test phase) today at the National Genealogical Society's Conference in the States in Providence, Rhode Island.

" is going to move the masses by making genealogy more efficient, exciting and easier than it has ever been before, " said Alan Eaton, president and founder of " is building a single place for storage, collaboration and genealogical data. We are effectively ending the frustration from the research duplication efforts that have constantly plagued genealogy."

With its patent-pending technology, is building a genealogical database with the capacity to house everyone who has ever lived in the world - making it the largest lineage-linked database in existence. will also be the first genealogy site that offers real-time collaboration, allowing people anywhere in the world to contribute their research simultaneously.

The astounding popularity of genealogy has been boosted significantly by the uniting power of the Internet, where it is currently the most popular online hobby. Genealogy is not confined to cyberspace, however, as there are an estimated one hundred million Americans who have at least dabbled in genealogy - and approximately 20 million Americans who are actively researching their roots.

Despite its universal appeal, genealogy professionals and amateurs alike face similar challenges when researching online. Redundant and conflicting research, severe fragmentation of information (data is currently stored on more than 480,000 websites) and non-collaborative software have all contributed to make present-day genealogy a frustrating and isolated process.

" is a perfect example of how the Internet has enabled the world to not only do more, but also do more efficiently," said Eaton. "By leveraging the Internet, OneGreatFamily is changing the old paradigm of data storage to a new paradigm of data sharing."

Sophisticated technology is the backbone of Its "Handprint Technology" is a radical departure from conventional genealogy research because it makes a person's relationships - information of mother, father, spouse, children and siblings - the basis of the search, thus eliminating potential conflicts.

" opens the door to a new level of user-controlled collaboration in compiling the results of genealogical research," said Steven Kyner, editor of The Computer Genealogist. "By enabling the collaboration of anyone with a web browser, offers the prospect of centralizing data on many great families."'s consumer benefits include:
  1. OneGreatFamily (OGF) has a patent-pending technology called "Handprint Technology" for linking genealogical data. This unique technology enables users to search one's family lineage through relationships, as opposed to other Internet sites that only use names, dates and places. The five fingers of the hand represent the relationships: mother, father, spouse, children and siblings. OGF is the only online resource that uses this technology.

  2. is the only site that seamlessly integrates its genealogy component with its family community features component. Family and friends can work jointly on their pedigrees as well as link data between the site's family features and genealogy sites.

  3. has developed breakthrough technology termed Interactive Genealogy� that changes the current paradigm of data storage to data sharing. It is the only site that allows users to collaborate together real-time from anywhere in the world on their research, avoiding the redundancy and duplication of effort that is so common in genealogy.

  4. taking genealogy software to new heights by introducing the Genealogy Browser�. This feature allows you to zoom in and out of your pedigree and see an unlimited number of generations at once as opposed to other products that only allow you to see four or five generations at a time.

About is a leading genealogy technology company headed by Alan Eaton, who has an extensive technology background. Eaton spent five years at Novell and has additional project lead experience for both Helius, a leading developer of satellite technology and LavaStorm, where he was technical lead of

Other executives come from a wide variety of technology, business and Internet backgrounds including Arthur Andersen, Novell, NXTV and Peat, Marwick, Mitchell.'s partners include: LavaStorm, Infogenix, EdgeMail, Catholic Online, and is based in Springville, Utah.