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 February 6, 2001 BUSINESSWIRE


Relationship will extend OneGreatFamily's reach to 155 Million Internet Users

[Salt Lake City, Utah - February 5, 2001] -, the worlds most advanced genealogy service for sharing, storing and exploring genealogy on the Internet, today announced a strategic relationship with Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) Encarta., the Interactive Learning Channel of MSN, offers quick access to high quality and interactive learning resources to users of all ages and learning pursuits. Under the agreement, will now offer extensive genealogical services and OneGreatFamily will benefit from the strength of Microsoft's vast reach to over 155 million unique visitors per month worldwide.

Through this cooperation, learners on will gain access to a shared, worldwide genealogical database and online software that provides tools to explore family history at any level of previous experience. Users will access the co-branded service through links on's homepage. The integration including genealogies of individuals throughout the online encyclopedia will be made available in the near future. For example, when searching Abraham Lincoln on, users will have an option to "click here to see Abraham Lincoln's genealogy." OneGreatFamily is eliminating the barriers for people to begin to participate and succeed in genealogy," said Alan Eaton, Founder and CEO of OneGreatFamily. "In the past, people haven't known where to go, how to start, or what has already been done by others. Through our relationship with Encarta, genealogy will be expanded to include the millions of people who have always wanted to enjoy family history but didn't know where to begin. With Encarta's wealth of historical resources, we can also begin to put the names and faces of each of our ancestors into context in history."

"Encarta is committed to delivering trusted and relevant information for learners of all ages. We are excited to be able to offer to our customers a powerful way to research genealogy through our agreement with OneGreatFamily," said Jeff Smith, Marketing Manager for Encarta, of Microsoft Corp. "The search capabilities are very advanced and guide the customer effortlessly through the process of finding one's past generations. Now, customers searching their genealogy will be able to reference the time period, the geography and perhaps even a distant relative with resources."

Being an avid genealogist is not a requirement to enjoy OneGreatFamily with users begin by starting with themselves and then enter as many generations as they can. New names are being submitted to OneGreatFamily's database all of the time from thousands of people from over 40 countries. Each time new information is added, it is processed through the database to see if it links to any other data already in the system. For example, one user recently entered four generations and received an additional seventy generations when his data linked with genealogy that was previously submitted by other users.

Donny Osmond, an avid genealogist, and a beta tester for OneGreatFamily was able to extend his genealogy from 15 generations to 53 generations, all the way back to 324 AD. "I have been searching my genealogy for over 20 years, and this program is the most amazing tool I have ever seen! I've always known there were other people out there who had information I was missing. I just didn't know how to find them. OneGreatFamily is certainly connecting the world together," says Osmond.

Genealogy has become the number one hobby on the Internet and has experienced amazing growth because of the Worldwide Web. OneGreatFamily is taking the Genealogy/Internet relationship even further by releasing Genealogy Browser�. Genealogy Browser� is a genealogy software program that is used solely on the Internet enabling each user to store, share and explore his or her genealogy online without the need of any other software making OneGreatFamily with a one-stop-shop for anyone interested in discovering their family history.

About OneGreatFamily

OneGreatFamily is an online genealogical service that allows everyone to combine their knowledge and data to build one huge, shared database enabling each user to leverage the efforts of the other users. The shared database is more than a simple collection of different family trees; using breakthrough technology the service is actually linking all of the family trees together into one great family.

Founder Alan Eaton, who brings an extensive technology background, leads In addition to other leadership positions, Eaton spent five years at Novell where he was a technical lead, a project lead on several projects and a recognized innovator within the software industry. He was also the technical lead at LavaStorm for the initial development of the popular genealogy site, LavaStorm, with their expertise in engineering highly complex systems, was also engaged to assist in the creation of