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 June 2, 2000 - Kent County Times

Osmond promotes new genealogical website at NGS conference

By Marilyn Bellemore

PROVIDENCE- Tracing your roots? A new website, being introduced at the 2000 National Genealogical Society Conference being held at the Providence Convention Center, may be able to help.

Entertainer Donny Osmond, himself an avid genealogist, introduced the first collaborative, integrated genealogy website last evening. This was a major focal point of the Conference., founded by Alan Eaton, is a database that will house everyone who has ever lived on the planet. It is a unique technology which enables the user to search one's family lineage through relationships, rather than other sites which use names, dates, and places only.

"It ( simplifies the research and eliminates redundancy," said Osmond. "I love the accuracy of it."

The website is easy to use with it's how-to page that includes a tutorial and feature overview. Users can start by entering their handprints and will do internal and external searches on a regular basis.

New information is being added all of the time and there is a good chance that one person has information that will help another.

The Family Features section includes photo albums, address books, scrapbooks and calendars for families to keep in touch. Genealogy BrowserTM feature allows the researcher to see an unlimited number of generations at once rather than four or five with other genealogical software.

The company confirms that more than 80 million Americans are involved in tracing their roots and more than 10 million people spend at least six hours a week doing research.

"I got started doing genealogy 15 years ago," explained Osmond. "My mother turned over 50 years of (family) information to me because I had a passion for it."

The Provo, Utah resident said his roots go back to England and his mother's heritage is mainly from Wales.

"I do genealogy for other people and have two researchers working for me year round," said Osmond.

With the National Genealogical Conference in town, the Rhode Island Historical Society Library at 121 Hope Street in Providence welcomes visitors and residents by extending it's hours until 10 p.m. until June 3. They house the third largest collection of genealogical information in New England.

Census, birth, marriage and death records for all of Rhode Island are just some of the information available for public use. Regular hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Call the library at 331-8575 for more information on getting started with genealogical research.

Providence plays host to the 2000 NGS host through Saturday, June 3.