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Building a family tree has never been easier thanks to the technological advances found on the internet. is a prime example of this. With our proprietary family tree matching algorithm, we make it easy for those who are just getting started with their genealogical research to start on parts of their tree that haven't yet been researched.

Fortunately, your family tree doesn't have to be limited by scarce family records or time consuming searches in a local library. OneGreatFamily can make your family search easier, by providing the largest single, connected family tree in the world. OneGreatFamily's approach helps save you valuable time by continually searching for additional relatives automatically, finding your ancestors for you. Any time members add new individuals into OneGreatFamily, connections are found between people working on the same family tree. This can add dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of new ancestors to your family line. OneGreatFamily also provides the following features:


OneGreatFamily helps families dig deep into their genealogical histories by providing collaboration features, which connect OneGreatFamily members to other genealogy searchers who are also seeking to create larger family trees. Some of these genealogical searchers have the links and connections that could replace your own "genealogical gaps." Think of the connections that could be made by tapping into a worldwide database, which contains millions of names from 80 different countries worldwide! With OneGreatFamily, an extended, large-scale family search, is no longer impossible. (View the 7-day OneGreatFamily trial option).

Immediate Notification

In addition, OneGreatFamily continually searches its growing database and gathers new information for all OneGreatFamily members. When OneGreatFamily locates relevant information, all members are notified immediately via email. Members can also review family-tree data, see what data others are collecting or add new data to the OneGreatFamily tree.

See it All at Once

OneGreatFamily is the only pedigree software available that allows you to see your complete pedigree chart at one time! OneGreatFamily may locate thousands of names for its members; but no matter how large their family trees may grow, they will always have access to their entire family tree.

Easy Search

You can look for any last name regardless of whether it is your own.

The Social Security Index

OneGreatFamily also provides access to the Social Security Death Index which contains the records of deceased Social Security members. This information is valuable for many genealogical purposes.

The Benefits of Genealogy

Participating in family genealogy searches tells us more than who are ancestors are. It provides us with historical background, and family anecdotes that form the very foundations of our lives.

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“...One person can't possibly do all of the work alone. They need help to speed up the work...The only way to do this is with your wonderful service...”
—Jeff Bagley
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