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Conducting a family search to discover your family tree? Family search can be time consuming not to mention unproductive if your focus is on working harder instead of smarter.

OneGreatFamily Is the Smarter Way to Family Search

With OneGreatFamily, family genealogy is a simpler, faster and more rewarding search process. OneGreatFamily provides its members with the opportunity to tap into one single, global family tree, which allows them to begin researching where others have left off. These members are using other family trees to build their own!

Member Options

OneGreatFamily members can search through millions of names in over 80 countries worldwide. They can review family search data, see the data that other searchers are collecting, and add additional data to their own family trees -- anytime and anywhere. OneGreatFamily members are often surprised to realize that many of their "genealogical gaps" have already been researched and added to the OneGreatFamily database by other genealogical researchers who are working on their own family trees. The OneGreatFamily database may also be a great way to connect with distant relatives!

Continual Growth

The OneGreatFamily global family tree is designed to continually grow as members add and share their own genealogy.

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“...One person can't possibly do all of the work alone. They need help to speed up the work...The only way to do this is with your wonderful service...”
—Jeff Bagley
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