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When you research your ancestry, you will find more than just a family tree. Besides finding the names, dates, and records of your ancestry, you'll find the stories of your family - the real lives of people that will give you perspective on your own place in history.

Many people find a great emotional satisfaction in tracing their ancestry.  They also discover that genealogy is a wonderful way to bring together all the generations of the family.

Everyone can help as you begin to document your family history.  The oldest family members can share memories of the good old days; these stories become fascinating when younger people realize the link between their grandparents and more distant ancestry.  Younger children can help do the research by asking questions.  Older children can discover the connections between the genealogical research and their history and geography lessons.

Your family will find additional benefits as you trace your lineage.  Your shared heritage will come alive when family members understand how customs from the old country influenced their present-day lives.  Additionally, you can revive old customs to discover how your relatives lived.  Stories from your family history can add more meaning and joy to family holidays.

Discover your heritage with  The fastest way to discover your ancestry is to share in the results of others who are tracing the same ancestry.  You may also be able to share the fruits of your research with others who are researching the same lines., the original Internet global family tree, continues searching even while you're asleep.  You'll get the information you want about your ancestry while spending the bulk of your time doing other important activities.

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