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Use your last name, or any other last name, to enter and search through one of the largest genealogical databases in the world. This database contains a single family tree constructed through the contributions of tens of thousands of genealogy enthusiasts. OneGreatFamily provides the opportunity to collaborate with these genealogists and genealogy enthusiasts who are also conducting their own family searches.

Millions of Names

OneGreatFamily provides its members with a large-scale database which contains millions of first and last names. These names originate from 80 countries worldwide! Many OneGreatFamily members have been surprised to learn that many of their last name "genealogical gaps" have already been researched and recorded into the OneGreatFamily family tree. By simply tapping into this genealogical database they were able to use the work of others to build their own family trees!

See the Big Picture

OneGreatFamily makes family genealogy fun for the both the novice researcher and the highly experienced genealogy enthusiast. Part of the fun comes when you see your last name research progress, not from just your efforts, but the efforts of others working on the same family tree, possibly from thousands of miles away. OneGreatFamily provides its members with software which allows them to see their entire pedigree chart at once. OneGreatFamily members are able to zoom in and out, quickly and effectively, in order to view important last names and family tree facts and information.


If you travel, or plan to travel, in order to research important genealogical information, OneGreatFamily can go with you! With only an internet connection, you can receive OneGreatFamily updates and edit your genealogical information from anywhere in the world.

Step Back and Watch your Family Tree Grow

OneGreatFamily provides its members with continual family name updates and new last names. OneGreatFamily is able to do this because it automatically does all the searching for you. It takes the information you already know and researches it continually, even searching for popular alternative spellings of your first and last names. Updates, when found, are provided via email.

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“...One person can't possibly do all of the work alone. They need help to speed up the work...The only way to do this is with your wonderful service...”
—Jeff Bagley
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