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There is often a lot of history behind a person's family name.  Some people have names that carry ethnic information, such as an Irish surname like O'Malley.  Others connote a religious significance, such as a Jewish surname like Stein.  Most family names have been passed down for ages.  Others are newly created.  Immigrants will sometimes modify their names to make them more consistent with the names of their new country.  Some married couples will choose when they get married to combine their previous surnames instead of adopting one or the other.  Whatever your last name history, there is now an easier way to find people who share your name and determine whether or not you are related.

OneGreatFamily's family name and family tree development system is revolutionizing the way that people do genealogy research.  The idea has been developed with the express purpose of bringing the whole world together by creating one great family tree.  And, with the help of our members, we are doing just that.  In the process we are helping our members find missing links or fill gaps in their family tree and dramatically growing their own pedigree chart.  One of the ways you are able to accomplish this is through the surname index which includes hundreds of thousands of surnames. OneGreatFamily's classic search finds the occurrences of each family name in both the OneGreatFamily Tree and in the Social Security Death Index.  But our automated search technology goes much further by actually searching and sifting for you.

OneGreatFamily's tree has already become very large, with hundreds of millions of names.  So you very likely to find people who share your family name and have already done or are currently doing work that is relevant to your own family line. OneGreatFamily will find these connections for you, giving you access to work that has already been done,  saving you wasted time and resources reduplicating somebody else's efforts.  In addition, the advanced genealogy software is very easy to use making genealogical work easier than ever before.

Discover the benefits of OneGreatFamily for yourself by signing up for a free seven-day trial. This offer is risk free and will give you access to thousands of individuals with any family name you search for. Why wait?

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“...One person can't possibly do all of the work alone. They need help to speed up the work...The only way to do this is with your wonderful service...”
—Jeff Bagley
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