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OneGreatFamily can assist you with the following:

. Search family names
. Search family ancestors
. Search family descendents
. Search family name history
. Search family death records

OneGreatFamily makes genealogy easy, convenient, and enjoyable for the 'average Joe.'  Listed below are some of the benefits:

1) OneGreatFamily provides the original online family tree, so that you can see how you fit in with the rest of humanity

2) OneGreatFamily automatically searches and sifts through millions of names in order to find 'obvious' and 'possible' matches

3) OneGreatFamily resolves differences of opinion

A OneGreatFamily Scenario
Lets' imagine for a moment that you have only a few names on your family tree, you can still submit them to the OneGreatFamily database.  After this initial step, you sit back and relax as OneGreatFamily searches and sifts through millions of names.  As OneGreatFamily searches and sifts it finds matches for your family tree.  These matches are ranked by percentage of likelihood from the 'obvious' matches, to the 'possible' matches.  With OneGreatFamily you will never be overburdened with unrelated matches.  After OneGreatFamily completes this process, you can review and approve the matches at your convenience.  Then you can meet and collaborate with other OneGreatFamily members and find even more!

Additional OneGreatFamily Benefits
OneGreatFamily allows you to do the following:

. Look for the research that has already been done on your family tree
. View your entire family tree at once
. Begin your research where others have finished their own
. Connects you to the original family tree
. Continually searches and sifts through millions of names in order to find your ancestors
. Safeguards your genealogy data from computer malfunctions and failures

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“...One person can't possibly do all of the work alone. They need help to speed up the work...The only way to do this is with your wonderful service...”
—Jeff Bagley
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