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Trying to find a lost relative? Ever wonder if you and a friend with a similar French, Jewish, Irish, whatever, name are related? You go to the website and enter a name or two. You are surprised to see that after entering your information, you receive thousands of search results in response. At first, you are excited. But, after you searching the results for perhaps an hour or two, you realize that very few of the names are actually related to your family search.

The OneGreatFamily Solution
The problem mentioned above is something many genealogy searchers experience as they use genealogical software or online genealogy databases. The OneGreatFamily database however, continually searches new database information in relation with your own family tree. OneGreatFamily sifts through all your results, gets rid of the obvious non-matches, and separates the remaining possibilities into a few simple categories, which make editing your family tree a simple process. With OneGreatFamily you can sit back and relax and know that progress is being made on your pedigree chart. OneGreatFamily also performs the following services:

  1. A single-global family tree, which members share and contribute to together
  2. Manages differences of opinion

The Original Family Tree
With OneGreatFamily, the most important thing to remember is that you are not working on an individual pedigree chart. At OneGreatFamily every member works on the same single, global family tree. The results are amazing! Family trees merge with other family trees, and OneGreatFamily members begin to see how they fit into the rest of humanity!

Meet and Collaborate
When you meet and collaborate with other members of OneGreatFamily you can learn more than facts and dates. You can participate in more than a family tree diagram. You can learn about your surname history, and contribute to the online biographies of many of your ancestors.

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“...One person can't possibly do all of the work alone. They need help to speed up the work...The only way to do this is with your wonderful service...”
—Jeff Bagley
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