Your familial lineage can tell you a lot about who you are.  Maybe your lineage will make you laugh, maybe it will make you cry, but regardless of who you are your lineage is important.  Most people however feel that it takes too much time to dig out the 'fossils' of their lineage.  20 years ago, these people were right-genealogy did take too much time; but today with Internet access, and increased genealogical database capacity, the genealogy process is faster and easier.  And with the help of, today, genealogy is for everyone.

OneGreatFamily is one of the most highly recommended genealogy Websites because it allows you and other OneGreatFamily members to collaborate on their lineage in order to create one common pedigree chart.  So not only are you contributing to the original online family tree, you also benefit from the efforts others who may be working on the same branches in your family tree.

Sit Back and Relax
OneGreatFamily automates its lineage search processes so that there is a continual search and sift through the millions of names in the OneGreatFamily database.  This search and sift process reveals connections between the various members' contributions, allowing you to sit back and relax.

A OneGreatFamily Scenario
For instance, let's imagine that you submit a few names from your pedigree chart to the OneGreatFamily database.  In short order, OneGreatFamily does the following:

  1. Searches through millions of names-- all of which have been submitted by OneGreatFamily members from over 80 countries worldwide.
  2. Locates names which are 'definitely' matches, or 'possible' matches for your family tree. With OneGreatFamily you won't have to look through thousands of unrelated search results-all of OneGreatFamily's results are related to your family tree.
  3. Allows you to review and approve search results at your own convenience
  4. Allows you to view and edit your growing family tree at your own convenience
  5. Continually searches and sifts through new entries and merges them into your family tree upon your approval

OneGreatFamily Satisfaction
Many OneGreatFamily members-- after submitting their family tree information-- have been surprised to receive large amounts of information regarding various generations of their lineage.

Additional OneGreatFamily Benefits
In addition, OneGreatFamily allows you to do the following:

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“...One person can't possibly do all of the work alone. They need help to speed up the work...The only way to do this is with your wonderful service...”
—Jeff Bagley
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