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Researching your family roots in the past, has been mainly a personal project.  However, recent technological advances have shown genealogists and genealogy aficionados alike, that the best way to do genealogy, and find family roots is through collaborating with others working on the same family roots.

Meet and Collaborate
Whether you want to begin your first family tree, or extend the family tree you already have, today's technology can help you do it.  From Genealogy surname search engines to Internet access, and increased genealogical database capacity, technology has definitely become family-search friendly. Databases, such as the OneGreatFamily genealogical database, are designed to expand indefinitely and will grow as the family trees of its members grow.  In fact, OneGreatFamily already has access to the original family tree - or in other words the largest single family tree available in the world today.  You too, can meet and collaborate with others who are working on a common pedigree.

The OneGreatFamily Database
OneGreatFamily's family roots system has grown and developed because of its members.  In fact, all of OneGreatFamily's genealogy surnames have been contributed by OneGreatFamily members.  These members, who contribute and share information- which originates from over 80 countries worldwide- have begun the process of connecting and intersecting their family trees with other family trees around the world.  They meet and collaborate with their 'genealogical cousins,' and have the opportunity to see how they are related to the rest of humanity. OneGreatFamily provides a fast and exciting way to begin or extend your family genealogy project.

What does OneGreatFamily Do for You?
Unlike most genealogical software, OneGreatFamily actually finds your ancestors for you instead of just providing space to store the ancestral information that you have already found.  OneGreatFamily continually reviews new information, as soon as it is contributed to their database.  So if someone in France enters information that could be a possible connection to your own family tree, OneGreatFamily will notify you immediately, via email. Finding your family roots has never been so easy!

Member Satisfaction and Additional OneGreatFamily Benefits
Many OneGreatFamily members are surprised to realize that they can enter a few names in the OneGreatFamily database, and receive hundreds or even thousands of connections in return.

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“...One person can't possibly do all of the work alone. They need help to speed up the work...The only way to do this is with your wonderful service...”
—Jeff Bagley
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