What you can do at OneGreatFamily

What OneGreatFamily can do for you

Discover what has been done on your family tree already

The OneGreatFamily Tree is a powerful genealogy database that is shared and built by people like you all over the world.

Every single name, date, place, picture, biography and video clip has been submitted by people like you. In fact, the OneGreatFamily Tree started without a single name. Users in over 170 countries have submitted millions of names . . . and we've only just begun!

So what does a "shared" worldwide database mean to you? It means someone else may have already entered dozens or even hundreds of your ancestors!

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Start researching where others left off

Spend some time searching for your ancestors at OneGreatFamily and pay special attention to new information that is added to your pedigree over time. This will help you know what research others have already done or are doing on your family tree.

You can then spend your time conducting new research or simply verifying information that others have provided.

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Meet and collaborate with family

OneGreatFamily allows people around the world to work on one common family tree. This means others can be researching and improving information on your ancestors.

Wouldn't you like to meet and collaborate with these genealogical cousins? You can! OneGreatFamily provides collaboration features that allow you to work with other researchers and family members.

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Search millions of names

At OneGreatFamily, you can search millions of names in the OneGreatFamily Tree and in the Social Security Death Index.

When you find an individual that you would like to learn more about, simply click on them to view detailed information that we store in our databases.

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See your entire pedigree at once

OneGreatFamily provides you with powerful software for viewing, organizing, and saving your family tree.

As your family tree continues to grow, you can easily see what you have accomplished and where OneGreatFamily has helped. OneGreatFamily does what no other family tree software program does by letting you see your entire family tree at one time! You can zoom in and out to view a portion of your family tree in more detail.

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View and edit your data from just about anywhere

As long as you have an internet connection and appropriate computer setup, you can view and edit your data from anywhere in the world.

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We automatically find your ancestors

Create your family tree and watch it grow automatically over time.

OneGreatFamily searches for ALL of your ancestors, ALL the time. Automatic processes continually review the ever-growing OneGreatFamily Tree.

If two individuals are identical, they are automatically identified as being the same. If the individuals appear to be the same person but have different relationships, birth data, or death data, you will be able to manually determine if they are the same and merge the records together.

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We safeguard your data from computer failures

OneGreatFamily stores your data on our servers and regularly backs it up.

As a result, you don't have to worry any more about your computer getting a virus, having a hardware failure, or otherwise causing the loss of your genealogy data.

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We connect you to the original online family tree

We connect you to the largest family tree online so you can see how you are related to the rest of humanity!

Start by creating your family tree at OneGreatFamily or by submitting a family tree you have already created. If anyone else has been working on your family tree, OneGreatFamily will automatically identify common ancestors and tie your family's branch into the largest single family tree available.

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