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Introducing OneGreatFamily Rewards

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Doing genealogy without cooperating with your family is like being the only player in a team sport. Genealogy was meant to be a team effort. Now, you can use the most advanced “team” tools for doing genealogy AND be rewarded for it!

OneGreatFamily Rewards is way for us to say “Thank You” for something you are already doing...sharing!


Easy as...

1  When you refer family or friends to OneGreatFamily simply tell them to enter YOUR username (created at sign-up) into the “Rewards Program” field when they subscribe.

Enter their username in the place designated in the signup...

2  After they subscribe you will receive an email to confirm your free month.

3  Check your account to see your new expiration date. After you login, click on “User Account Info” to view your account. It will look like this:

Your rewards status will look like this...

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Frequently Asked Questions about OneGreatFamily Rewards:

Is there a limit to how many FREE months I can receive?
No! Your number of months is unlimited!

Do I get a free month if I refer someone who signs up for the limited version?
No. The person you refer must be a subscriber, even if it’s only for one month.

Can I receive a FREE month even if I am currently using the free limited version?
No. You must be at least a one-month subscriber.