I use OneGreatFamily to view and edit my family tree while I am on location at the family history center.
How to view and edit your family tree while at the family history center
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  1. All you need is a computer with a web browser to access OneGreatFamily. That means you can access your OneGreatFamily family tree from anywhere in the world with a web browser. The problem with applications like Legacy Family Tree is it's typically only on your home computer. That means you can only access your family tree at home.
  2. Simply open a web browser on one of the family history library computers and go to www.onegreatfamily.com.
  3. Log into your OneGreatFamily account.
  4. You will now have full access to all the trees on your account as well as the ability to search all the trees in our system.
  5. Even better, most family history libraries allow you to install software on their computers.
  6. Once you are logged in to OneGreatFamily.com, go to the Family Tree tab and click on the blue "Genealogy Browser" button to install or launch our revolutionary family tree software.
  7. The Genealogy Browser should either launch or prompt you to install it on this computer.
  8. Follow the installation process if you need to install.
  9. As you find new research information at the family history center, simply open the Genealogy Browser on the family history center computer and add the new information right into your family tree!