I use my OneGreatFamily subscription to compliment my Ancestry.com subscription.
How to use Ancestry.com and OneGreatFamily.com together
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Ancestry.com is primarily a collection of original records, OneGreatFamily is primarily a collection of compiled records. There are many ways to use Ancestry and OneGreatFamily together. One way is to login to Ancestry.com to find original documents to support the data you have in your OneGreatFamily family tree.

  1. Go to onegreatfamily.com and log into your OneGreatFamily account.
  2. Go to the Family Tree tab.
  3. On the Family Tree tab, click on the blue "Genealogy Browser" button to install or launch our full-featured family tree software.
  4. If you need to install Genealogy Browser, follow the prompts. (What is the Genealogy Browser? Tutorial: Genealogy Browser installation instructions).
Genealogy Browser installation instructions
Internet Explorer 7
FireFox 3
Windows Vista
  1. Click the "Genealogy Browser" button.
  2. A small "Launching Application" window will open.
  3. When the "Launching Application" window finishes, it will automatically go away and next you will see a "Downloading Genealogy Browser" window.
  4. Once the Downloading Genealogy Browser progress bar finishes Vista will show you a "User Account Control" window.
  5. In the "User Account Control" click Allow.
  6. The Genealogy Browser will then open. The Genealogy Browser is now successfully installed on your computer.
Internet Explorer 7
Windows XP
  1. Click the "Genealogy Browser" button.
  2. The grey "Launching Genealogy Browser" bar will appear.
  3. Inside the white box on the right of the grey launching bar will be the message "Click here to install the following ActiveX control: 'Genealogy Browser' from 'Onegreatfamily.com'..."
  4. Click the "Click here to install" message.
  5. A small menu will appear with two choices "Install ActiveX Control..." and "What's the Risk?"
  6. Click "Install ActiveX Control..."
  7. An Internet Explorer - Security Warning will now appear.
  8. Click the "Install" button.
  9. The Genealogy Browser will then automatically install and open. The Genealogy Browser is now successfully installed on your computer.
FireFox 3
Windows XP
  1. Click the "Genealogy Browser" button.
  2. You'll be taken to the Important Installation for Netscape and Firefox Users page.
  3. Listed on this page are a series of steps we are going to repeat here.
  4. First click the "HERE" link in step 1.
  5. Firefox will popup an "Opening npgb13.exe" window. Click the Save File button.
  6. Firefox will next show npgb13.exe in the Firefox Downloads window.
  7. Once dpgb13.exe is completely downloaded double-click it in the Downloads window.
  8. Firefox will then popup a window asking you if you want to "Open Executable File?". Click the OK button.
  9. Windows will then open a "Open File - Security Warning" window. Click the "Run" button.
  10. Next Firefox will popup a "Genealogy Browser Plug-in" window, click the "Yes" button.
  11. Firefox will then display a "Genealogy Browser Plug-in installation successful for Fire Fox 3.0.8 (en-US)!" message. Click the OK button.
  12. The Genealogy Browser will then open. The Genealogy Browser is now successfully installed on your computer.
  1. After the Genealogy Browser is installed and open, click on someone in your tree that you are researching.
  2. The person you clicked will now show up as the Selected Individual in the left side of the Genealogy Browser.
  3. Now click the Selected Individual to open the individual details window for that person.
  4. On the right hand side of the individual details window is a column of buttons. The second button down, the one that is meant to look like a light bulb and binoculars, is the "Search Web Sites" button. Click this button.
  5. The OneGreatFamily World Web Search window will now open.
  6. In the web search window is a list of other websites OneGreatFamily will search for you. Simply check the box next to the sites you want to search. For this example we'll click the Ancestry.com box and click OK.
  7. A new browser window will open and automatically show you the Ancestry.com search results for the currently selected individual.
  8. Click on the search results category of your choice. For me I chose "1920 United States Federal Census".
  9. Next ancestry shows me only the records in the 1920 Census. Click record you want to view.
  10. If you are not currently logged into Ancestry.com you will be prompted to sign up. Either sign up or log into your existing Ancestry.com account if you have one.
  11. Once you are signed up or logged in you'll be able to click a search result.
  12. Once you click a search result you'll see the indexed version of that record. On the right hand side is a link that says "View original image". Click the link to view the original record.
  13. Ancestry will now show you the original scanned image of the record. Click the save button on the top right.
  14. The Ancestry Save Options dialog will open. Choose "Save to your computer" radio button and click OK.
  15. Next you'll be taken to a page that shows you the large version of the image. Follow the instructions on the page that say "To save a copy of this image to your computer". Make sure you rename the image to have the .jpg extension when you save it to your computer. For some reason ancestry.com saves the image with the .x extension.
  16. Now go back to your Genealogy Browser and the individual details window that you left open.
  17. Click the Multi-Media button in the individual details window. The Multi-Media button is on the right hand side at the bottom of the column of buttons. The Multi-Media button has an icon that looks like musical notes.
  18. The "Multi-Media Objects" window will open.
  19. Double click where it says "Double-Click here to add".
  20. A Windows Open dialog will open. Find the image that you saved from ancestry.com and then click the "Open" button.
  21. You might see a OneGreatFamily progress bar as the image is saved to OneGreatFamily.
  22. When the image is finished saving to OneGreatFamily it will now show up in the list of media objects in the Multi-Media Objects window.
  23. Click the "Done" button.
  24. Congratulations, you've just added an image of a census document as supporting evidence for an ancestor in your family tree!
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