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There are two ways to find living relatives on OneGreatFamily. The first way is to search our family trees for their family tree. The second way is to use the collaborate feature. Both methods are explained below.

Find living relatives in family trees
  1. Go to the Family Tree tab.
  2. On the Family Tree tab, click on the blue "Genealogy Browser" button to install or launch our full-featured family tree software.
  3. If you need to install Genealogy Browser, please follow the installation prompts. (What is the Genealogy Browser? Tutorial: Genealogy Browser installation instructions).
Genealogy Browser installation instructions
Internet Explorer 7
FireFox 3
Windows Vista
  1. Click the "Genealogy Browser" button.
  2. A small "Launching Application" window will open.
  3. When the "Launching Application" window finishes, it will automatically go away and next you will see a "Downloading Genealogy Browser" window.
  4. Once the Downloading Genealogy Browser progress bar finishes Vista will show you a "User Account Control" window.
  5. In the "User Account Control" click Allow.
  6. The Genealogy Browser will then open. The Genealogy Browser is now successfully installed on your computer.
Internet Explorer 7
Windows XP
  1. Click the "Genealogy Browser" button.
  2. The grey "Launching Genealogy Browser" bar will appear.
  3. Inside the white box on the right of the grey launching bar will be the message "Click here to install the following ActiveX control: 'Genealogy Browser' from ''..."
  4. Click the "Click here to install" message.
  5. A small menu will appear with two choices "Install ActiveX Control..." and "What's the Risk?"
  6. Click "Install ActiveX Control..."
  7. An Internet Explorer - Security Warning will now appear.
  8. Click the "Install" button.
  9. The Genealogy Browser will then automatically install and open. The Genealogy Browser is now successfully installed on your computer.
FireFox 3
Windows XP
  1. Click the "Genealogy Browser" button.
  2. You'll be taken to the Important Installation for Netscape and Firefox Users page.
  3. Listed on this page are a series of steps we are going to repeat here.
  4. First click the "HERE" link in step 1.
  5. Firefox will popup an "Opening npgb13.exe" window. Click the Save File button.
  6. Firefox will next show npgb13.exe in the Firefox Downloads window.
  7. Once dpgb13.exe is completely downloaded double-click it in the Downloads window.
  8. Firefox will then popup a window asking you if you want to "Open Executable File?". Click the OK button.
  9. Windows will then open a "Open File - Security Warning" window. Click the "Run" button.
  10. Next Firefox will popup a "Genealogy Browser Plug-in" window, click the "Yes" button.
  11. Firefox will then display a "Genealogy Browser Plug-in installation successful for Fire Fox 3.0.8 (en-US)!" message. Click the OK button.
  12. The Genealogy Browser will then open. The Genealogy Browser is now successfully installed on your computer.
  1. Once the Genealogy Browser is open, click the "Search" button on the toolbar.
  2. The OneGreatFamily Search will open on the right.
  3. Your search needs to be exact. So make sure the first and last name you type in to search is spelled right. And if you are searching for a woman, search using her maiden name as her last name. Then click the "Search OGF" button.
  4. If OneGreatFamily has any information on the person you are searching for they will show up in the Search Results.
  5. The great thing about OneGreatFamily is we don't hide living person information unless that person has marked their information as private. Other popular genealogy websites don't give you living information even if that person wants to be found.
  6. Double click the name in the search results that you want to view.
  7. That person will now show up as the selected individual in the Handprint.
  8. Click the "Starfield" button on the toolbar.
  9. The Search OneGreatFamily screen will go away and be replaced by the starfield view which shows you the family tree for the Selected Individual.
Find living relatives using the OneGreatFamily Collaborate feature
  1. Go to the Family Tree tab.
  2. On the Family Tree tab, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the "Advanced Tree Editor" button.
  3. The Genealogy Browser will automatically launch or you'll be prompted to install the Genealogy Browser. (What is the Genealogy Browser?, Genealogy Browser installation instructions).
  1. Once the Genealogy Browser is open, click on someone in your tree that you think other living relatives might also be working on.
  2. Clicking that person will put them in the Selected Individual position.
  3. Now click the Selected Individual.
  4. This will open the Individual Details window.
  5. Click the Collaborate button.
  6. The "Collaborate with others" window will open defaulted to the Owners tab.
  7. In the white box of the Owners tab is a list of all the OneGreatFamily groups also working on that ancestor. Click the plus sign next to a group.
  8. The group will expand and you will see all the OneGreatFamily users who belong to that group. A group is a just a fancy way of organizing OneGreatFamily users.
  9. Click on one of the users.
  10. Notice that the Name and Email fields below will automatically fill with the name and email address of the user you clicked.
  11. If you use a desktop email application, such as Outlook, you can now click the Send button to launch this program with a new email message containing the email address already populated. If you use a web-based email program, such as Gmail or Hotmail, simply copy and paste the email address into the "To" field of a new message from within the email program.
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