Have OneGreatFamily automatically
search for you
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  1. Every week OneGreatFamily has over 300,000 records submitted to our website from other family history researchers like you.
  2. Every time a record is submitted we automatically compare it with every other record already in our system.
  3. If a name is submitted that exactly matches a name on your tree, we automatically merge the two records as the same.
  4. If that automatic merge occurred in one of the family trees you are researching then the next time you view the tree you will automatically see the new ancestor in your tree, and any other family members they might have had. This could add dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of extended family names to your tree!
  5. To take advantage of our automatic matching system, you simply have to input or import your family tree into OneGreatFamily.com. Our system will automatically search every name you submit, without the need to set up custom searches or alerts.
  6. When you input or import your family tree into our website your tree is instantly searched against all the other family trees in our system. Within anywhere from an hour to a day you will be able to see if we found anything for you. When you input your tree, add as many people as you know along with as much accurate information about them as possible, as this will dramatically increase your chances of finding more.
  7. To see if we found anything for you, simply go to the Family Dashboard tab and check the odometer number.
  8. If the odometer has a number greater then zero, simply click the odometer to see the names of those ancestors that were automatically found and added for you.
  9. But it doesn't end there! Because we have over 40,000 new records added daily, we search for more of your family tree every day. You never know when we might find a significant piece of information you were missing.
  10. Check your odometer often to see if anything new has been found.
  11. You can dramatically increase your chances of us finding more information for you by continually adding to your OneGreatFamily family tree. Quite often manually adding a missing spouse, child, or date can unlock hundreds or thousands of ancestors.
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