Genealogy Search

Searching at OneGreatFamily You Won't Find a Single Ancestor. You'll find the Whole Family Tree!

OneGreatFamily searches for all of your ancestors. all of the time! Other genealogy sites make you search for one ancestor at a time by typing a first and last name in a search box.

OneGreatFamily is different...

It's like the difference between fishing with a fishhook and fishing with a tightly woven 100-foot fish net.

Here's how it works...

As your genealogy is entered into OneGreatFamily, the system automatically checks to see if your information matches with information that has already been entered by others. Remember.users submit entire family trees (not just one name at a time). So if your information matches - you access all of their work!

You can find your ancestors. in your sleep!

Let's be realistic. not everyone triples their genealogy overnight (some quadruple it!) Your first experience with our shared worldwide database could return little or no results. Don't worry. you can still connect with the world.

OneGreatFamily is a living database. it is changing and growing all of the time. When you enter your genealogy, it is saved into the system with your username and password. This means you have "cast your net" into the database.

Every time new data is added to OneGreatFamily we automatically check to see if it connects with your data... even while you're sleeping. All you have to do is come visit every once in a while to haul in your catch.

In fact.

You may come back at lunch and find new information that wasn't there at breakfast!

Why You Will Love OneGreatFamily
  1. Genealogy Research: You can access the genealogy research that others have already done! (Why reinvent the wheel?)
  2. Genealogy Search: You can search for ALL of your ancestors . ALL of the time! We work for you even while you are sleeping.
  3. Genealogy Experience: You can easily collaborate with family and meet distant cousins.
  4. Family Tree Software: You can build your own family tree online . in 10 minutes!