Important Installation For Netscape and FireFox Users


A one-time download and installation of Genealogy BrowserTM Netscape/FireFox Plug-in (approx. 250 KB) is required in order for the OneGreatFamilyTM Genealogy BrowserTM to function correctly in Netscape and FireFox. After installing the plug-in this page will not appear and Genealogy BrowserTM will load automatically.

To download and install Genealogy BrowserTM Plug-in, complete the following steps (Note: Print this page if necessary):

  1. Click HERE to download the plug-in install program (you will be prompted to save it on your computer).
  2. Enter the location to save the install program (npgb13.exe), then click Save (a progress indicator will appear showing the % complete throughout the download).
  3. Once the download is complete, close all your Netscape/FireFox browsers.
  4. Double-click the install program (npgb13.exe) that you just downloaded.
  5. Click 'Yes' when it asks you if you want to install Genealogy BrowserTM Plug-in. You will receive a message when the installation has completed successfully.
  6. Start your Netscape/FireFox browser again and login to your OneGreatFamilyTM account.
  7. Click the "Launch" button.
If you have questions or problems please contact OneGreatFamily support.