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Revenue is a magazine, dedicated to all aspects of the affiliate marketing business model and to raising industry standards. Revenue features the distilled knowledge of the industry at large, in the form of featured columnists and articles on the following topics:

  • Industry news, product reviews and case studies
  • How to attract new merchants and potential affiliates
  • Education, guidance and tutorials
  • Merchant strategies and achievements
  • Real-life affiliate success stories
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Affiliate Marketing Tips, Resources and & Articles. Linda has a list of some really great articles that have come out about the affiliate industry.

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eBay supplies affiliates with industry-leading best practices aimed to increase commissions and revenues. You will find a variety of tips and ideas that will help drive greater traffic, generate increased activity, and (most importantly) generate significant commissions. In addition to our current articles listed below, new best practices are being developed and will be added to the site. So bookmark this page and put our best practices to use!

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"Besides having a great program that converts well for Genealogy affiliates, they also go the extra mile to helping you succeed. The team behind OneGreatFamily has put in a lot of hard work and dedication to provide a highly recommendable affiliate program."

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